How to spot a Planetary Emergency.

The data is in, and it don't look good. If global temperatures rise 5 to 6 degrees ºC ,  Humans, and most of the species of life on the entire planet, are in for a very bad time.
Arctic temps from 1880 to present day. (NASA)

2007: The IPCC predicted 1ºC of warming by 2100

2008: The Hadley Centre for Meteorological Research predicted 2ºC by 2100

Mid-2009: The UN Environment Programme predicted 3.5ºC by 2100

October 2009: The Hadley Centre updates their prediction to 4ºC by 2060

November 2009: The Global Carbon Project predicts 6ºC by 2100

November 2009: the Copenhagen Diagnosis predicted 7ºC by 2100

December 2010: The UN Environment Programme predicts 5ºC increase by 2050

2012: The IEA’s World Energy Outlook report predicts 2ºC increase by 2017

November 2013: The International Energy Agency now predicts 3.5ºC by 2035

March 2014: NASA scientists: “industrial civilization risks irreversible collapse”

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